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Registering here will create your individual account in our LFT program and event management system - this will not register you and your family for any specific LFT event or program.  Once you have an account created, you will use separate event registration pages to register for specific programs and events.  If other members of your family will participate in LFT programs and events, please create a separate individual account for each person - we will then associate them into a family grouping to make registration for programs easier.

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*** We often provide meals at our programs and some events, please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions and we will do our best to accommodate those.


Military Service and Association

Please tell us a little about your family's history of military service, to help us to get to know you better!  Please indicate Branch of Service and Current Military Status on all individual family member accounts, but Date of End of Service and Rank (at completion of service) only for the servicemember.



Photo and Video Release

We like to take photos, and sometimes videos, at our programs and events to document our activities and to help spread the word about LFT to new members and sponsors.  If you authorize our use of photos and videos for those purposes then please click "Yes" below.


Last Questions!

Submitting this form will create an individual account for you in the LFT event registration system.  Please repeat this process for each member of your family or household and then we will group those individual accounts into a family account.  Please immediately check your email inbox for a welcome email with instructions for setting up a username and password.  To register yourself and/or your family to attend an LFT event or program, you will first log into this system using the username and password you create now and will then use a specific event registration page for each program and event.  Only one member of the family will need to log into their LFT account and they can then register the entire family for the event.